February 21, 2018

Super Star Learning Sponsors 21st Century Learning Symposium

This year, the 21st Century Learners Symposium featured Keynote Speaker Julie Evans, CEO of the national education nonprofit organization Project Tomorrow. Mike Lawrence, Executive Director of Computer-Using Educators (CUE), was the Luncheon Speaker.

With a focus on online learning, Break-Out Sessions, including hands-on labs, covered topics from mobile devices to media integration in teaching, learning, and administration.

Steve Midgley, Deputy Director of Education Technology at the US Department of Education, reprised his role as breakfast speaker at an invitation-only Leadership Breakfast

Super Star Learning is committed to making the difference in education technology and proudly supports the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

A special focus was given to www.ProjectBasedLearning.com and www.MyDreamMachine.com to support students toward 21st Century Learning.

John Stippick Featured on MO.com

This past week, Super Star Learning Company Founder John Stippick sat down with Mike Sullivan, editor of the small business website, MO.com.

John discusses his career, the advent of the internet in education and how Super Star Learning continues to change the face of education technology in the present day.

Check out the revealing interview here, and if you would like more information, or to speak with a Super Star Learning representative, please do contact us.

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